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Fact 1: Termites cause more household damage than fires and storms every single year.

Fact 2: Homeowners' insurance rarely covers termite damage. If you ignore termites for any amount of time, they can threaten the very structural integrity of your home.

The home and business pest control professionals at Protector Pest Solutions are here to help. Our techs have nearly a decade of experience preventing and eliminating termite infestations in Cumming, GA, and beyond. We are proud to use high-quality, effective treatments that target all known species of Georgia's native termites and hire only the most experienced technicians to provide the best solutions.

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Our Termite Control Program

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Protector Pest Solutions believes in quality over quantity. That means we follow a tried-and-true system to get rid of termites around your home or business. From inspection to treatment to the final follow-up, we promise you'll see nothing but quality in every task we complete.

First, we begin with a termite inspection of your Cumming, GA home. We scour your home from top to bottom to catch termite invaders in the act, then look at cracks and crevices, breaks in the foundation, and the crawl space and attic to identify their activity. Our team will also be on the lookout for the signs of termite damage, which include:

  • Humidity or bubbles in walls
  • Mud tunnels in the basement
  • Damage to your wood

After locating the infestation and identifying the termite species, it's time to treat your home with some of the best products on the market. We give our clients three options for termite treatment — bait, liquid, or both. We use Trelona® bait to destroy infestations with a powerful active ingredient and Termidor® foam to remove any lingering pest activity. Both bait and liquid treatments are applied in the same areas, ensuring your home has protection from top to bottom. Don't worry; if we find any termite damage after our treatment, we'll return with a follow-up visit to make things right!

Protector Pest Solutions is always looking for the best way to treat Cumming homes and businesses. Apart from our bait treatments and liquid applications, we also offer a trenching and drilling approach to defend your house for longer. We educate our techs with a high standard of excellence and provide all the details they may need to stop pests fast.

Do you need something a little different for your Cumming home? Protector Pest Solutions also offers WDO inspections before and after the sale of real estate. We've found termites when other companies couldn't, which makes us one of the most trustworthy termite control providers in Cumming and beyond. 

There's never been a better time to protect your home from termites. Reach out to Protector Pest Solutions today to get a quote for your home pest control in Cumming.


To answer this question, you must first understand what termites look for in a habitat. Here in Georgia, subterranean termite species build large colonies underground and travel on foot to their food sources, consisting of rotted wood in damp areas. Termites are tiny insects that can enter your home through cracks in the foundation, plumbing lines, or even small gaps around windows and doors. So long as there is moisture around and some soil-to-wood contact, these insects can sneak into your home virtually undetected.

Turn To Protector Pest Solutions For Termite Removal In Cumming, GA

Regardless of the termite problem you may be facing, Protector Pest Solutions can help you navigate uncertainty and select the right solution for your needs. With our experienced technicians and reliable products, we ensure that your property will be free from termites today, tomorrow, and for many years to come. All you need to do is make the phone call; our team of professionals will handle the rest!

It's time to put your termite woes into the past. Contact Protector Pest Solutions today to learn more about our home and commercial pest control services in Cumming.

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