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Rats & Mice

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Rats and mice are a serious issue. They transmit several diseases as they crawl across surfaces such as Hantavirus and can cause allergic reactions. They bring along fleas, ticks, and lice. They can also wreak havoc in your home by chewing through everything, including wiring, walls, and furniture in your home, as they nest. Rats and mice are capable of entering your home through the smallest of entry points. If you are experiencing rodent issues, contact us for a free inspection at 470-297-5727.

Rodent Feces

One of the first signs of rats or mice in your home is droppings, otherwise known as feces.  You may also hear scratching.  If you see droppings and/or hear scratching, call your pest control company to inspect as soon as possible.  Rodents breed quickly, and you want to prevent them from infesting your home.

Rodent Damage

Rats and mice need warmth to nest in and water sources to survive. They love hidden places and will gladly chew through your wiring and tubes to gain access to water to live off of. This photo is of damage that was done behind a dishwasher. They also love to chew through to gain access to refrigerators.

Roof Rat

The Norway and roof rats are the most common rats in the South East United States. These “little” guys can squeeze into gaps smaller than their bodies. Rats prefer areas that pose no threat to them or their families, such as your attic, basements, crawl spaces, and walls. If left alone, two rats produce eight which could reach up to 60+ rats within a few months. Contact us to inspect at 470-297-5727.

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