The Most Effective Termite Control Solution For Cumming Properties

termites up close

Pest control in Cumming is our specialty! We’re not the only ones who love our climate and our land. Plenty of nuisance wildlife, from rodents to insects, call this area home.

As any homeowner will gladly tell you, these pests don’t respect boundaries! Throughout the year, our homes are often invaded or incurred upon by a large variety of insects, rodents, and everything in between. It’s much worse if you live close to a heavily wooded area or a body of water.

One of the most pervasive pests we see here are termites. Due to their commonplace nature, as well as their propensity for causing property damage, termites are among the most time-sensitive infestations to deal with. If you have them on-site, it’s time to pick up the phone ASAP!

Read on to arm yourself with the knowledge to identify termites and act properly if you do.

How To Identify Termite Damage

The signs of termites are far easier to detect than termites themselves. That’s fortunate, too, because termites can be almost entirely stealthy and out of sight.

Being so difficult to find, homeowners are much better off looking for the signs of termites and not the bugs themselves. Luckily, there are some things to be on the lookout for that aren’t hard to spot at all. They are:

  • Small thumbtack-sized holes in the walls.
  • Floorboards that buckle and appear to weaken quicker than they should.
  • Wood that is excessively hollow.
  • Floorboards that squeak or sound emanating from the walls.

If you detect any of these signs, you may have termites in your home. Be sure to schedule a professional termite inspection and control service with Protector Pest Solutions.

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wooden Structures

A lot of people wonder why termites are so problematic to have around. Unlike many pests, they actually do cause a lot of damage. What makes them so much more hazardous to your home’s health than other animals? Simple – it’s their diet!

Termites feed on wood pulp and, because of this, actually eat your home. Over a long enough time, they can seriously damage the structural integrity of your home.

The Problem With Trying To Get Rid Of Termites By Yourself

Termite removal is one of the trickiest tasks in the entire pest control industry. These critters remain hidden, almost entirely out of sight, and won’t make their presence known directly. They’ll avoid any potential threats by way of where they live and eat – inside the walls and floors!

There’s really no way to know how to kill termites naturally, either. Every infestation is unique, considering that your home’s foundation is part of the equation.

You may be able to eliminate a few, but if the source of an infestation itself is not eradicated, the bugs will replenish their population in no time.

Contact The Professionals For Effective Termite Control

Active termites in your home are a ticking time bomb. There’s no time to wait – even though they act relatively slowly, they do degrade the wood in your home methodically. Over enough time, they can completely destroy a structure’s integrity.

The best way to get rid of termites is, simply put, to pick up the phone. Call in the pros. No homeowner stands a chance at eliminating an infestation of termites on their own. These bugs are too pervasive and too difficult to drive out to guarantee success.

Protector Pest Solutions is standing by and ready to help you reclaim your home from termites and other pests. It’s important to act quickly, too. Termites cause more damage over time than most other pests, so early detection and action will go a very long way. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.