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Ants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are more than 12,000 known ant species around the world. They are mainly found in black, brown, or red in color. They are social insects that typically live underground in colonies. They are separated by different jobs such as workers, soldiers, and queens, and are closely related to bees and wasps.

Red Imported Fire Ants

This ant is native to South America but has been established in the U.S. now. These ants can attack and cause painful stings on humans and pets. Over 12 million people in the United States get stung by them annually. Many develop allergies to their venom. Their colonies form large mounds constructed of soil with no visible entrance.

Black Ants

Little black ants are 1.5-4 mm in size and mating swarms are common during the summer months. They are native to the United States and grow quickly. They forage in trails and are attracted to meats, greases, and sweets. They are found mainly outside but will contaminate food once inside your home.

Carpenter Ants

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They do build their nests inside of wood, forming galleries that they have chewed with their mandibles. They discard this material that looks like sawdust, known as frass. They are a major cause of structural damage to buildings and homes.

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